Zbrush Summit Sculpt-off 2017 Hard Surface Entry

David schultz david schultz zbsummit rework

Zbrush Sculpt-Off 2017 Entry

The ZBrush Summit - Live Sculpt-Off - Group 2

This was my entry for the Zbrush Summit Sculpt-off 2017. I was in the Hard Surface category, and the theme was Alice in Wonderland. This was my take on the caterpillar. I had three hours to do everything. In the original one I ran out of time to do some basic post process work, and so I took twenty minutes last night (about the amount of time I should have allowed for in the competition) to do some final tweaks. If you want to see the original you can find it here: http://summit.pixologic.com/sculpt-off.php

October 10, 2017